Oh please not another one...

I have been nagging this friend to get tested for the past few months since he's been getting more sick as the days go by. He keeps going to the doctor and they would usually prescribe him allergy or cough medicine. He's been getting thinner and thinner, though he has been thinking that this was due fatigue, stress and working out. I on the other hand had a different idea. 

I guess I was trying not to alarm him so I've just been very supportive of his "treatments". He even started taking whey protein to help with his weight, which kinda worked for quite a bit. He would still get the occasional coughs, but again, we rested on the fact that his doctors told him that it might just be allergies and stress. He has also stopped smoking, that is why we also think that this has affected his coughing due to "smoking withdrawals". 

A few weeks back, he was sent on a working trip by his company which kind of made me nervous, seeing that his condition was not so good. While overseas, I told him not to post his pictures since he again was losing weight, I just didn't want people to worry too much.

Just 2 days ago, I got a missed call from him. This made me curious because he was not supposed to be back till the end of the month. I called him up and he told me that he felt that he was getting worse and that he immediately went back to the Philippines and headed straight to a private hospital. Still hoping that it was not what I thought it was, I told him I would try to visit him soon.

The other day, he called me saying that the doctors was asking if he could get tested for HIV. His fear about it is that if proven that he has HIV, his health card would not cover his expenses. With hesitance, I told him that he might as well decline the request and ask them to heal him first and then get tested, just so that he could still use his health card. After a few hours, he decided to get tested. I felt a bit guilty since I kind of knew that it would be best if the doctors knew what his real condition is.

I haven't heard from him since, only that I heard that he has moved to PGH. I'm still praying that it's not HIV, but him transferring hospitals is a big indicator.

Why does this have to happen to him? Why does this have to happen to anyone I know? Why does this have to happen to anyone at all?

Now I'm still waiting for a reply from him. I know he's trying to be strong. I would love to visit him but with my "still low" CD4 count, I wouldn't want to get complications by going to hospitals.

I wish I have powers to heal people.

Even though I have accepted having this condition, it just becomes difficult again when you know that someone you love is affected. :(  


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